Company Values


Our foremost guiding tenet is compassion. We care for our team, for our customers, and for the people whose lives they help to make better. Our work would be nothing if we did not remember this, so we keep compassion for others close to our heart.


Good work is not done without integrity, no matter how big or small the business. We aim to hold onto our integrity as our business expands, and do right by the people we serve. Our business strives to work ethically, and holds itself to a code of quality and safety.

Community Reliability

Healthcare is a community matter, not an individual one. We aim to listen to and understand the needs of the communities we’re catering to, and to work in a way that they can rely on our products and our customers’ services.

Discipline and Execution

Our products are created with attention to detail in order to ensure that there are no flaws – for flaws can make or break things in healthcare. We do this with rigorous discipline, and an execution that holds its own standards of success very high.

Strive in Innovation

We are more than just bots that rinse and repeat. We strive to innovate and bring medical products to healthcare providers that can make their job easier, and can also change the healthcare world for the better.