About Us

The Start of a Journey...

Founded in 2012, Right View Medical established itself as more than just a medical products supplier. Our MedG© brand manufactures & supply a comprehensive range of personal protective equipment for medical professionals/public as well as surgical kits. Our intention was to help the world gain better access to state-of-the-art products in a field of work where the pressure is high but supply of helpful items is low. Today, eight years later, we supply MedG© medical products across the UAE and the GCC.

That Is Pioneered for Safety…

As a company, it is important to us to not only supply products, but to supply them at the highest quality. In an industry like medicine, compromise on quality is a compromise on life – for medical aid providers, and for patients. Right View Medical takes this impact seriously. All MedG© products are rigorously tested for not just quality, but also to ensure that they provide the safety barrier they are designed to provide their users and the people around them.

And is Reaching Across the GCC

We started in UAE, but our supply service has now expanded across the GCC. Under the guidance of CEO Vimal Tom Jose, Right View Medical has grown into a company with dynamic sales and service. Our production is entirely tested & certified, because your safety is our number one priority. MedG© produces numerous product categories of disposable medical protective wear such Coverall, Isolation Gown, Face Shield, Mask, Gloves, Head Cover, Shoe Cover, Surgical Gown, Surgical Kit, Patient Gown, Viral Transport Kit and Anti-Microbial Film.

The Need of the Hour

In a pandemic-ravaged world, the presence of such equipment has become more crucial than ever. What was once used only by first aid providers and doctors, is now a high demand across multiple industries to create safe spaces for everyone. From smaller clinics, to sanitisation and disinfection services, schools, restaurants, hospitals to other enterprises – everyone needs the likes of masks, gloves, face shields, isolation gowns, PPE & anti-microbial film.

We aim to meet this demand with a commitment to the community that needs it. With a high focus on the kind of products being dispatched from Right View Medical, we are able to provide our MedG© medical grade equipment to different parts of the UAE and GCC that are in dire need of medical products.

This is possible not just with commitment, though. It comes along with a team and leaders that are passionate and loyal about providing this aid to our communities, and helping them out in times of need. Right View Medical’s vision and mission is realised not just with our certifications and quality checks, but also with the dedication and perseverance of those who work hard behind the scenes to bring to you what you need.